Fair Work scam

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been ridiculously busy with existing clients and new clients coming on board, as well as attending the ICB conference in Melbourne.

One speaker at our conference was there to uncover and alert everyone to another scam which is doing the rounds.

This is one that could be quite easy to fall for.   These people purport to be officers of the Fair Work Ombudsman, they will advise that they are calling from “Fair Work”, they are notifying businesses they will be conducting an audit of their workplace, demanding to see personnel files so that they can see if contracts have been set up correctly, as well as checking record keeping.  These representatives have been bullying, threatening and implying the business owners have been in breach of the law.

The problem is there are only two places that can conduct these audits.  They will either be calling from the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) or the Fair Work Commission (FWC), both government agencies. Legitimate representatives from both the FWO and FWC will have a government email address and, if attending a business premises, will have identification and a Badge.

You need to confirm in writing every time you receive a call regarding a “Fair Work Audit”, ensure that you request the confirmation of any appointment in writing.  This should then show the appropriate government signature or come from a legitimate Fair Work email address (generally FWO).

Note here that if an appointment is made with these so called “Fair Work” representatives, that they can be cancelled and you are under no obligation to comply with their requests.  If in doubt call the FWO to confirm the appointment is with them or the FWC.

If you have an unscheduled visit to your business premises, demand to see identification and if in doubt, check with the agency that they say they are representing.

Representatives from government agencies are expected to act as professionals and should be willing to show their identification on arrival if requested.

If the entity making contact is not acting professionally and does not prove their identity, then you are justified in refusing further contact and reporting them to the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Trish xx